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About Papii Gavii

Gavi is a D.C.-based DJ/producer, musician, designer, and creative powerhouse. From his humble beginnings in Honduras through his residencies with multiple music venues, he now finds himself at the center of the D.C. and Northern Virginia dance music scene.


Possessing a unique ability to bend genres, he explores the deeper side of house music by mixing reggaetón, afro-house, progressive techno, tech house and melodic beats into a distinctive style that captivates audiences by weaving mesmerizing detail and high-resolution sound. 


Gavi has soared to new heights, opening for acts such as Boris, Bijou, Carlo Lio, Gene Farris, Jean Pierre, Martin Horger , Oscar L , Toni Varga, Tony Guerra, Prieto, Mink, Promnite, Leaving Laurel, Miss Jennifer, Gattuso, Dee Montero, two name a few.


A talented storyteller, Gavi has mastered the art of communicating emotion without words through perfectly curated melodies, intricate bass lines, and atmospheric tracks that speak to his audience.  


With his music production and high intensity, emotionally stirring performances, Gavi has stayed true to his nature as an explorer. To him, the people who come dance make the event by showing that the healing vibration can only be fully realized when we unify.